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18 Cute And Unexpected Ear Piercings


Top 10 Cute Ear Piercing Types and Locations

A guide to the different types of ear piercings - Multiple earrings are on trend right now, BodyCandy wants to help you make sure you know your type! by nannie

Cute Simple Unique Boho Ear Piercing Ideas at MyBodiArt.com - Crystal Triple Forward Helix Earring Studs  - Swarovski Crystal 16G Silver Internally Threaded Barbell Piercing – MyBodiArt

Alva Swarovski Crystal 16G Silver Barbell

Product Information - Product Type: Straight Barbell in Surgical Stainless Steel - Quantity: Single - Internally Threaded Ultra Shine Crystal - Gauge Size: 16 Gauge - Wearable Barbell Len

All You Need to Know about Belly Button Rings (50 Pictures)

Belly Button Rings

Also called belly button piercings, navel rings, or navel piercings, belly button rings are small piercings on the top half of the belly button.

Cute Ear Piercing Ideas at MyBodiArt.com - Rook Daith Hoop Ring Earrings Tragus Stud

Steal These 30 Ear Piercing Ideas