O. M. G. I can't wait to see my grand babies someday! Half Vietnamese and half a bunch of other stuff! They are going fabulous babies!

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cute asian babies so cute. if my daughter ever needs glasses, she's getting this kind.

Korean baby. Literally the cutest thing ever. When I have a kid I am going to get them each a suit like this. hehe... they're gonna hate the pictures when they get older, TOO BAD! XD

Olivia and Landon can be Pandas together. Asian Panda babies are sooo cute

When I have a kid I will buy him / her this super cute panda suit.

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ohmyasian: “ (via Thing Ever.) Baby Girl in Panda Suit. So cute I’m dying…brb. I’m dying from cuteness! This is my future child!

cute baby pictures

22 Unforgettable Baby Names

Asian Babies are sooo cute. actually I guess ALL babies are cute! lol *hahahaha, found this and love the comment was saying asian babies are so cute I agree!