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Penmanship: The Art of Teaching Handwriting

Good handwriting is still important. Improve your penmanship. Teach your children cursive. Dozens of fun, hands-on activities for learning to write with a beautiful hand.

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I pinned this because when I was in a private school I had to learn cursive. Every paper we did had to be in cursive or there would be a penalty or a zero. Every week we had a penmanship test.

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Brick Road Creative Studios

and my biggest muse: the alphabet! there are an infinite number of ways to write out these letters and convey any feeling or meaning you'd like through the words themselves as well as the style they are written in.

Doodlecraft: How to Fake Script Calligraphy!

How to Fake Script Calligraphy! Scrolly, scripty, flowy, gorgeous penmanship is all the rage right now! Calligraphy is beautiful but can be difficult. How to diy fake faux calligraphy. Perfect script writing for wedding invitations or Christmas cards!

here's a handwriting sample with both printed and cursive! this was written with a black uniball signo um-151 in 0.38 mm. how to do the cursive font like "tbhstudying" : double the downstrokes on your cursive letters, but don't shade them in. just leave them hollow and erase the marks that you don't want :-)

an updated handwriting sample with both print + cursive :) - written with a uniball signo black gel pen in mm how to do the special font at the end: double the downstrokes, but don’t fill.