A stunning piece, this beautiful large clock is an impressive addition to any room. This clock is modeled after European cathedrals of the 12th-16th Centuries. It features the gothic arches and ornaments that typify the style. This is a large and striking piece and is a centerpiece of art and design. There are very few …

Christophe – Musical, 8-Day, 1-Wind, Gothic Design, Cuckoo with Moving Wings, Dancers 8366

19th Century Carved and Inlaid German Cuckoo and Quail Quarter Striking Wall Clock - click to enlarge.

A Century Carved And Inlaid Cuckoo And Quail Quarter Striking Wall Clock, Black Forest, Germany. This big wall clock with rustic

My obsession with clocks: meet my obsession with birds. ...aaaand my love for all greens/blues. This is FAB!! Image by Tereasa Surratt of a Very Modest Cottage http://averymodestcottage.blogspot.com/2011/01/cuckoo-clock-installation.html (And by the way? That rocking chair? SWOON!)

Multiple - Art Wall: cuckoo clock installation from the land of wandawega

8-day music dancer cuckoo clock Bahnhäusle

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