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Create Your Own Superhero Cape

Principal Krupp becomes Captain Underpants every time someone snaps his or her fingers. Encourage your child’s creativity by having her design what her cape would look like if she was a superhero.

National Hero Registration Form

Cool Stuff: National Hero Registration Form

Summer reading 2014 "National Hero Registration Form" Michael Mateyko of the creative firm Komboh created the “National Hero Registration Form” to give away at a comic convention.

Lolly Stick Superheroes, super simple kids craft!

Lolly Stick SuperHeroes

A super simple craft; Lolly Stick SuperHeroes nice and simple to make but loads of fun to create your own superheroes!

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super hero writing---- having the staff members write what they want to be super at this summer and then give it out halfway through the summer as a goal setting thing?

FREE PRINTABLE TEMPLATE with 3 different mask designs included to create your own superhero mask! - Dabbles & Babbles

10 Minute Superhero Costume

Turn your kid into a superhero in only 10 minutes with this quick and easy DIY costume. Printable template with 3 different mask designs included!

Free Printable Comic Book Templates! - get your kids creating, and writing with these great printables

Free Printable Comic Book Templates

Free Printable Comic Book Templates - get your kids creating and writing - from awesome Pickle Bums site

Create your own Superhero Identity!

Secret Superheroes

If you were a superhero what amazing secret powers would you have? What fantastic name would you call yourself? What would your costume look like? What would your Superhero identity be?