POLYPODIS: When High Heeled Shoes Meet Tentacles  Share8.3K Tweet39 6 39 Tumblr1 Share8.4K    ----------------    Polypodis is a pair of unique high-heeled shoes that were created by shoe designer Kermit Tesoroo, Geeksaresexy.com

POLYPODIS: When High Heeled Shoes Meet Tentacles

Tentacle High Heels And Other Crazy Shoes By Filipino Designer Kermit Tesoro - Looks like this thing belongs in a Sci-Fi Movie not in Fashion !

I have heels just like these I intended on customizing now I think I know what I want to do!

almost as much as I love skulls, I love spikes see me wearing these sexy spike heels at the shops? If I had these shoes, I would wear them everywhere!

Something between unwearable and still looks like fun to wear.

Are these new high heels too high?

i actually have tears coming out of my eyes- it could be because i told kora i was going to get her some REAL "creepers" shoes by getting her the shoes with wheels in the bottom of the shoes and suggested these. omg i couldn't breathe.

Bildergebnis für high heels 2014

Cute High Heels These are just perfect heeled shoes for any heel addict, note the traction they are gonna provide.

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This high heel doesn't even have a heel. Can't imagine this is comfortable.

Invisible Heel, yes please! 8 Popular Designer Shoes that Look Like Designers Just Want to Play a Trick on Us

This Crazy High Heel Hack Just Might Be Genius, But Most Importantly,It Involves THESE

This Crazy High-Heel Hack Just Might Be Genius, but Most Important,It Involves THESE

Prepare yourself for an experience with pure genius, guys—that's how good this high-heel hack, courtesy of Vanderpump Rules' Katie Maloney, sounds.


From Paris Celine Spring/Summer 2009 Collection this shoe made the biggest impression on me. Because of the missing insole! Crazy purple/pink colors is an extra plus, but if you don’t like it you can have them in white or black.

Ridiculously whimsical and pretty, but not sure how these would hold out being worn around. But love the style as I'm obsessed with teacup designs and symbols.

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