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Nymphetamine- Cradle of Filth; pinning to this board because Cradle of Filth has helped me through a hard time recently

Nymphetamine- Cradle of Filth; probably one of the most enchanting songs (and bands) I have ever heard.

Keep Calm and listen to Cradle of Filth

Keep Calm and listen to Cradle of Filth. Long before these "keep calm" banners started popping up, this has been my motto for years. CoF music is the one I listen to whatever my mood is. Happy, sad, angry or something in between.

Dani Filth :: Cradle of Filth

With Cradle Of Filth's upcoming orchestral release 'Midnight In The Labyrinth' dropping on Saturday's Record Store Day (April Dani Filth reveals what we can expect.

Cradle Of Filth - Cruelty And The Beast

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