Cow skin rug with jute. I have this cowhide bought from IKEA $240AU <3

Interior Decorating Trends You Might Regret Later On {part II}

Authentic Oversized Cowhide Rugs - Cowhide Rugs - Bourbon & Boots

Don't be fooled by the cheap faux cowhide rugs out of China or cheap smaller cowhide rugs, these are authentic "hair-on" tanned large cowhide rugs. These large authentic cowhide rugs are affordable co

Make a Faux Cowhide Rug for Under $50 | The DIY Mommy

I seriously used to DESPISE cowhide rugs, but somehow they slowly knocked at my brain until I started liking them just a little bit.

Adding a cowhide to a space can do wonders to add that cozy, warm, textured vibe in the home--especially for the Fall and Winter months. (Light Natural Cowhide Rug.  Spruce Up Your Space with a 5K #WorldMarketMakeover

Light Natural Cowhide Rug

Natural Cowhide rug brown, black and white speckle. Hand-selected Brazilian cowhides with soft, neutral hues. Like all rugs crafted from natural hides, each is

KOLDBY  Cowhide, brown, white  $199.00	  The price reflects selected options  Article Number:   402.229.33  The skin will retain its natural appearance and quality over a long time. Read more  color                    Sorry, this product is not for sale on our website, check if it is available in your local store

KOLDBY Cowhide, black/white black

IKEA - KOLDBY, Cow hide, The cowhide is naturally durable and will last for many years.Marks, colour and size variations are natural characteristics of the leather and make each cowhide unique.