Guatemalan Palm Leaf Straw Cowboy Hat 6" Wide Brim Western Gus Custom Crease | eBay:

Guatemalan PALM LEAF Straw -COWBOY HAT 6" Wide BRIM- Western Gus - Custom Crease

Western: Knutselidee "Cowboyhoed"

Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas for Kids (or Anyone!)!

cowboy hat craft - this one is made of foam, but kids could paint/color a paper plate or construction paper and cut out.

for my photobooth! and this would work perfect because we wouldnt have yo ruin a perfect nice one jut use felt!! yay!:)

wear this cowboy hat.I'm pretty sure you could eek out an entire cowboy them could "lasso" sounds/words/numbers.and just look cute in these hats :)

Cowboy-Cowgirl Hat Pattern

Turn your classroom into a roomful of cowboys and cowgirls! Cut this pattern from colored paper and attach it to a paper head band.

DIY Cowboy Hat - this is something you know you'll use for years. Adapt it for any costumer or project! It all starts with this simple tutorial.

DIY Cowboy Hat