Corgi Sploot <<< I like this term.

Corgi Sploot

Funny pictures about Corgi Sploot. Oh, and cool pics about Corgi Sploot. Also, Corgi Sploot photos.

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5 Corgi Memes that will brighten your day!

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These adorable Corgi planter pots are perfect for herbs, succulents, small flowers, and whatever else you can think of! Made of high quality resin they will last a long time and will not rust or weath

Know your corgi memes #funnycorgi #funnypuppies

Know your corgi memes #funnycorgi #funnypuppies

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These 19 dogs deserve their own social accounts

Corgi Memes on Pinterest | Travel Bags, Stairs and Bags

These cuddly crime-fighters are primed to sink their teeth into the forces of evil. And by "forces of evil" we mean your good slippers, natch. Watch urban vigilante Oliver Queen rain just.

If my corgi Ryder had a dream where he was   an international spy I imagine it would look like this

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Zen Corgi---@Melissa Squires Samuelson I can picture Henry doing this...

Zen Corgi

Funny pictures about Zen Corgi. Oh, and cool pics about Zen Corgi. Also, Zen Corgi photos.