35 Inspirational Quotes about Life

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Life Chips Away at Us All

Life Chips Away at Us All (Live Life Happy)

Deep Life Quotes: Life chips away at us all. Some play the victim. Some choose to be a survivor. And then there are those who choose to conquer. – Unknown The post Life Chips Away at Us All appeared f

Blieve n urself as mch as I blieve n u baby  I love you! Kep pushn 4ward I'm so proud of u & ur accomplishments.

10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (427)

it's not the mountain we conquer, it's ourselves...  #travel #adventures #mountaineering

It's not the Mountain We Conquer, But Ourselves


25 Insta-Quotes To Remind You Of The Totally Bada$$ Woman You Are

You KNOW you're a strong, powerful woman, but this harsh world makes it easy to forget. Here are some powerful quotes by Alison Malee to remind you.

We rise from the pains we endure and conquer

Despite the let downs of the American Dream, Maya Angelou still sees hope that she does not need the American Dream to rise to greatness.