Cookie Monster: Concord Grape-Thyme Bars

Can you encapsulate the feeling of "fall-in-a-vineyard" in a dessert? I tried and IMHO succeeded with these bar cookies. Pairing a rich homemade Concord grape and thyme jam with a sweet butter cookie base.

Fresh, sweet and tart concord grapes are made into the perfect fruit puree to top these square creamy Concord Grape Cheesecake Bars.

Concord Grape Pie

Upstate New York Concord Grape Pie - I grew up having this made by my Gma K who had grapevines right outside the back door

Concord Grape Jam Recipe Homemade Grapes Jam - with skins! only requires grapes and sugar! looks easy, but tedious and might take a while. worth doing!

Concord Grape Gummies

These healthy Concord Grape Gummies are made from sweet concord grapes and grass-fed gelatin . a great alternative to store-bought fruit snacks.

Concord Grape Crumb Cake

I’m from Southern Brazil and many parts of this region were settled by German immigrants. Of course cooking was very much influenced by them, and one of the most famous treats made by them is…

These Peanut Butter and Jelly cookies are the perfect treat for the PB & J lover. A perfectly chewy peanut butter cookie with a little smack of Concord grape in the middle. via (Homemade Butter In A Jar)

Hot Grape Cider

I have a serious obsession with concord grapes and concord grape jam. Nothing compares to that naturally jelly mouthfeel and ultrasweet flavor, so I'm always

An easy to follow, family recipe for Concord Grape Pie. This Concord Grape Pie is so amazing, I guarantee you have never had anything quite like it before!