Comunicación intertranscultural

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Interesting perspective on cross-cultural communication styles
An example of how there can be misconceptions when more explicit cultures meet implicit cultures. Explicit cultures are upfront about meaning and there are not different interpretations one could take away depending on differing contexts, like in a more implicit culture.
Different cultures, different agendas - Communication Charts Help You Negotiate In Different Cultures - PSFK #albertobokos
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Many of the exercises are written with instructions that address needs for a specific audience (e.g., gender or generation). Stringer and Cassiday have written and adapted sound, ready-to-use activities for settings where the exploration of cross-cultural communication would be beneficial: the workplace, the classroom, human resources programs, ESL classes, corporate diversity training, international team development workshops, conflict management and others.
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Video on the way that culture affects the way we verbally and non verbally communicate, and how this can lead to misunderstanding when communicating cross- culturally which can lead to the formation of stereotypes. Understanding of other cultures broadens your perceptions of the world we live in.
Multicultural, Cross-cultural, & Intercultural Games & Activities