Example of a simple eight-pointed compass rose medallion

DIY Mariner's Compass Rose Medallion on Concrete Floor

Réunion seahorse - Description : Hippocampus borboniensis -- Author : Jobin -- Date : 1885 -- Source : Histoire physique, naturelle, et politique de Madagascar Alfred Grandidier

think a sea horse would be the perfect addition to start developing my sleeve from the waves I already have

dibujos a lapiz - Buscar con Google

King Lord‎ART DREAMERS ah we eating world _ artist unknown I need a board for drawings but for now I will put it in photography

step by step how to draw a koi fish...Outline the shapes, adding details (such as whiskers) as you outline.

Draw a Koi Fish

How to Draw a Koi Fish. Koi is an ornamental variety of Carp fish species. Because in Japanese the pronunciation of the kanji "love" is the same as "Carp", the Koi fish has become a symbol of love and friendship in Japan. The Koi fish is.