Secret Wars #5 (exclusive for Midtown Comics) - Carol Danvers by Mark Brooks

Marvel aka Warbird aka Binary aka Captain Marvel (Secret Wars variant cover) Art by Mark Brooks

Crying Comic Girl 8x10 Painting Pop Art Turddemon Black Hair Girls ...

Pop Art is characterized by techniques and themes drawn from popular mass culture like comic books, advertising, and mundane cultural objects.

comic girls say '' it's ..almost as if i belong in his arms..''

Regular contributor Emma writes about soulmates. and why we'll almost certainly be meeting more than one of them! Emma says: Once up.

Literally have all of these

22 signs you’re a highly sensitive person (and that’s OK!) - 20 out of 22 signs .

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Comic Girls say.. "He makes everything fun ! I'm ALIVE  when I'm with him "   #comic #popart #vintage

Well its called the Grooming Stage huny ! Trust me in few Months i surly wouldnt drink a thing from that Narcissistic Beast look out .

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