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"Colleen Corby" You are definitely

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Colleen Corby, 1967. To me she was the epitome of what a teen girl should look like! If she wore it... I wanted it❤

Colleen Corby, Popular model at that time.

headbands and the flip 1963...WHEN you look at my year books every girl had this hair do...I mean everyone!

Latest Hairstyle For Girl

Colleen Corby models summer hairdos for the June 1963 issue of Seventeen magazine. wore my hair like this, bow and all.

Colleen Corby

Colleen Corby, One of my most favorite models.

Colleen Corby du pont by AngoraSox, via Flickr

1968 ad for tights.and Colleen Corby

Colleen Corby <3 1960’s ~~~ I had a dress exactly like this of my favorites ♥

Colleen Corby, model, Seventeen, first teen style icon. In 1968 I made my own turquoise 'tent' dress in grade home ec class.

model colleen corby - 1960's.  Loved the floral shifts.  she was everywhere when i was in Hi School  every magazine!

Colleen Corby in an orange & pink flower power

vintage everyday: Colleen Corby - Face of a Generation in 1960s

greatbuffalotradingpost: “Colleen Corby in the December 1966 Seventeen magazine Photography by Carmen Schiavone ”

Colleen Corby ! She was a really successful American model in the 60s/70s.

Close up of Colleen Corby in a Bobbie Brooks ad found in Seventeen magazine November supermodel from the

Sears catalog 1967.  Cay Sanderson and Colleen Corby.

Cay Sanderson and Colleen Corby, Sears, 1967

Colleen Corby, 1964 magazine ad for Cover Girl cosmetics.

1965 Beauty Ad, Cover Girl Matte Make-up, with Teen Cover Girl Colleen Corby

Teen magazine  Colleen Corby, 1965

The girl we all wanted to be: Colleen Corby (Teen Magazine Cover -

colleen corby | Colleen Corby in a Seventeen magazine ad. Adorable yellow & white ...

Colleen Corby in a Seventeen magazine ad. Adorable yellow & white dress-I use to have a 'girl crush' on her!

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Model Without Makeup (Seventeen - September

Colleen Corby

Colleen Corby