Collective nouns

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Not sure where to begin when teaching collective nouns? This blog post contains ideas, visuals, and activities for teaching your students all about collective nouns!!

What's the Deal with Collective Nouns?

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English words for various kinds of people, animals and things which use a specific collective noun.

Collective Noun Worksheets - Using Collective Nouns

Collective Noun Worksheets

Collective nouns for animal groups.

Collective nouns for animal groups.

"Made up lists of names for animal groups." Collective Nouns Animal Group Names

Collective Nouns - This unit makes it easy to teach and easy to learn all about collective nouns. flip-flap book... even a craftivity...ALL in one place!

Collective Nouns

Grammar can be fun. Games, interactive worksheets, craftivities, and flipbooks are more fun than workbooks.

Collective Nouns | Learn English with Demi

Collective Nouns

A Collection of Collective Nouns!

This year Amy and I decided we wanted to do an interactive ELA journal, and lucky for us, Nicole Shelby saved us hours of time! We are loving her Grade Language Interactive Notebook!