DIY martingale dog collar - Find them already made at Martingale collars are the best collars for training. This tutorial is wonderful.

How to Make a Martingale Dog Collar

Have fun with this DIY tutorial on how to make your loved pet their very own martingale collar!

How To Make a Martingale Collar for Dogs

With some hardware, webbing material, these written instructions and great photos . you& be on your way to completing your first Martingale collar.

Questions Regarding Martingale or Metal Buckle Collars, Collar Sizing, Custom Orders, and Safety

What is a martingale collar? Martingale collars, also known as greyhound collars, are a safe and comfortable way for every dog to wear a collar. If your dog ten

Buckle Martingale Dog Collar - Personalized with 18 Webbing Colors to Choose From

Buckle Martingale Dog Collar - Personalized with 18 Webbing Colors to Choose From by shopmimigreen on Etsy

Quick Guide for a Martingale Collar Martingale collars are a great tool for walking your dog and for all around dog training. Many dog owners are making the switch from traditional dog collars to martingale collars for a number of reasons. But for those of you who are left out of the “loop” (see what I did there?), here are the basics on what a martingale collar is, what it does and the benefits of making the…

Quick Guide for a Martingale Collar

Should you enjoy dogs you will really like this cool website!

martingale collar from fabric

I recently purchased a custom embroidered martingale collar for Pimg after looking and looking for what I wanted. I was super pumped for it to finally

Double Pearl Dog Collar,Cat collar, Buckle Collars, Martingale Collars, Dog Pearls UNBREAKABLE GUARANTEE! by BeadieBabiez on Etsy

Double Pearl Dog CollarCat collar Buckle Collars by BeadieBabiez

Crafting a Martingale Collar - very detailed tutorial

Crafting a Martingale Collar

{Bark collars can be used to negate unwanted behavior instantly.

I LOVE TheHoundHaberdashery on Etsy. I would probably buy at least 10 different collars from her right now if I could!

Martingale Collar or Buckle Dog Collar - Marseilles Jacquard in Blue Espresso - 2 Inch, Greyhound Collar, Great Dane Collar, Custom Collar

Martingale Collar: Purple & Navy — Dog + Bone | Also available in other color combinations

Martingale Collar: Purple & Navy

The limited cinch design of our Martingale Collar provides a gentle way to keep your dog focused and helps prevent them from slipping o

DIY martingale collar -- I made two for the boys, but decorated the polypropylene webbing with ribbons before sewing it all together. They match the custom seat belts I just made to secure the boys in the back of the car.

How to Make a Martingale Dog Collar

Martingale collars are a very popular choice for dog trainers. They are not a severe as a regular choke collar since they cannot infinetly tighten and choke the dog.

How To Make An Adjustable Martingale Dog Collar

How to Make an Adjustable Martingale Dog Collar

A while back I posted a tutorial on how to make a custom fit martingale for your dog. Making an adjustable martingale has a little twist to it and this tutorial.