Coffee dates are simple but so cute. What's better than sharing your favorite beverage with your favorite person?

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what I like: coffee dates & staying up late. Never thought about drawing a coffee stain!

Just talking on a regular cold morning, having coffee dates, having talking time... its the simple things I want xx

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Good morning my love! Texting you this morning and I'm so glad! Still want to pin you good morning and I love you! I miss you!

Mikaël Theimer Takes Photos Of His Camera-Shy Girlfriend #inspiration #photography

Photographer Mikaël Theimer Photographer Takes Photos Of His Camera-Shy Girlfriend And The Results Are Beyond Adorable

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tolackcolour: “ Three cheers for friends who think sitting in a coffee shop and reading all afternoon (and consuming a possibly unhealthy amount of caffeine) sounds like as great of a time as I do.