Shelby. Megan's Clydesdale horse. She's currently pregnant with a foal that's close to drop! UPDATE: Shelby died giving birth to Chester. Chester is now staying with Diamond and thinks that's his mother

of Clydesdale cross mare~ mate :Thunder ~Cery playful and bubbly

My grandfather has two Clydesdales that have been around forever. Gorgeous horses

Such a beautiful creature. He seems to summon thunder itself when he stomped his hooves. The wind moved to his command as his nostrils flared and he swished his tail. He was a thing of power, the embodiment of nature.

WOWOWOWOW - was für ein Pferd - beautiful Clydesdale

Steel ~ "Heart of Steel" (Clydesdale) - "Means "strong" or "stubborn" like steel. Meanings and history of the name Steele:

Biiig defrent

Clydesdale horse and child. I absolutely adore Clydesdales. such gentle giants

He's beautiful.  These are amazing horses I grew up in the uk.  There is not so many as they used to be.

If I was super rich I would have a herd of these beauties! The most gentle of all giants!

Wir stehen im hohen Schnee

Horses in the snow - from Pine Valley Gypsy Vanner Drum Horses.--Oh I do love Gypsy Vanner Horses