The Ranch We Love: Ikea Pax Wardrobe Wall  Brief step-by-step on how we created a built-in looking closet with the ikea pax!

My favorite part of our new master bedroom addition is definitely the Ikea Pax Wardrobe wall. At first we considered a walk-in closet f.

cool bookcase wall with sliding barn doors

Sliding Barn Door Media Console

Closet door ideas, sliding closet door, barn door closet, curtains closet door - I want. so to hide the tv when not in use. Johnnnnny, can you make something like this for me?

The master bedroom incorporates an ingenious barn door closet system. Drawers and cabinets provide storage in the center of the wall for folded clothes and accessories. Slide the barn doors over to reveal hanging room.

When there is a tiny closet on a wall, you blow out that wall and create a huge one! Figuring out how to make this closet function with all it’s style was a feat but it was worth it cuz those barn doors are everything.

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IKEA HACK: DIY BUILT-IN BOOKCASE with Hemnes furniture | Studio 36 Interiors

great way to fake a built-in instead of building one piece by piece. IKEA HACK: DIY BUILT-IN BOOKCASE with Hemnes furniture