Clive Owen Staring. | 11 Very Rational Reasons To Get Excited About Clive Owen’s New Show, “The Knick”

11 Very Rational Reasons To Get Excited About Clive Owen's New Show, "The Knick"

Clive Owen is a real hunk

Clive Owen is a real hunk- one of the hottest men in hollywood.

Clive Owen. yes please.  "I don't want to be in bad films that make alot of money. Not interested"..C.Owen

Clive Owen’s New Role: The Face of Lancome

Clive Owen inspiration for Simon Lamont. "Emotion led to mess, and the Lamonts of Gloucestershire didn’t do mess. It had been bred out of their genetic code shortly after their Norman ancestors conquered England.

Top 5 Sexiest Englishmen

Top 5 Sexiest Englishmen

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Clive Owen. Yes, sit and contemplate you beautiful darling. . . you stare in to space and I'll stare at you, ok?

A thoughtful Clive Owen, star of HBO's much anticipated "The Knick," wearing an equally handsome work of vintage wrist art.