Buzzing with Ms. B: Water, water everywhere. Could do this for anything cyclical! Seasons, life cycles etc.

Water, water everywhere . A super foldable idea! Content Statement: Grade Earth and Space Science-The hydrologic cycle illustrates the changing states of water as it moves through the lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.

Water cycle craft. could work for so many of my life science objectives!

Water cycle fold and learn

Water cycle craft - draw the picture on the front and then write the definition underneath the picture. Fold the flap up to get the definition.

make old towels like new! Great DIY Tips for Saving Money and Quick and Easy Tips!

Using the hottest water cycle on your washing machine, wash your towels with a cup of vinegar. When cycle is complete, leave the towels in the washing machine and run through another hot water cycle, this time adding a cup of baking soda.

Ciclo del Agua

Ciclo del Agua

Make glass from bottle. Use yarn dipped in nail polish remover to 'break' off the top of a bottle. Light it and hold over basin of cool water, dip in water as soon as flame goes out.

How to cut glass bottles. Awesome for bottles into cups or could use the same principle for taking off the bottom of wine bottles!

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10 Waterproof Smartphone Cases to Prevent Disaster

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How To Use Pee In Your! i love this! AND if you have male urine, you can use it to drive away moles!!

Using pee & menstrual blood in the garden; as a compost accelerator, animal deterrent, substitute to blood meal & also in the simple practice of Earth Spirituality.  40 per cent of the entire population of the planet has little or no access to clean water [Infographic]

We all know the importance of water, but not many of us know how scarce it has become. While water may cover 70 percent of our planet, freshwater (wha

Buy a clothesline long enough to span the distance between your porch and a nearby tree or post. On the porch end, thread the line through a metal eye hook, and wind it around a sailor's cleat installed about a foot below the hook. At the other end, screw another hook into the tree or post. Tie the clothesline to a snap shackle, which makes attaching and detaching the cord a breeze.

Outdoor Clothesline

To Whiten Linens: Fill a pot with water & a few lemon slices, bring to a boil, turn off the heat, and add linens. Soak for up to an hour & launder as usual. For extra brightening, spread them out in the sun to dry.

Vocabulary bingo can help students to review the vocabulary. This bingo board has vocabulary that relates to the water cycle. I will read the definition of the words in no specific order and the student's will cross out the correct word. I will laminate each mat so I can reuse them.

Water cycle Bingo

Water cycle Bingo Use student's representations to create Water Cycle Bingo Game!

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