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[fantasyartwatch: “ Jersey Devil by Alex Constad ”]. aka lord of the demon goats lol

real life myths and legends with words | Chupacabra | The Honest Courtesan. blood sucking dog resembling creature in Mexican and south western america


The Chupacabra is a Cryptid (a term is used in cryptozoology to refer to a creature whose existence has been suggested but not scientifically confirmed

| Viene en zancos, llegó a los árboles cantores, en aromas a los nidos de pétalos, viene con las nubes de colores. Llegó ayer cuando soñaba, con los cerezos amándose de madrugada, la primaver…


bedtime story: “When do you know it’s over?” He asked quietly. “When someone stops trying,” she answered. “Or worse, when trying no longer works.” —Sue Zhao artist yet unknown

67 Chevelle SS ..what a beauty!

67 Chevelle SS ..what a beauty!

United Monsters Of America: Infographic Reveals The Strange Beasts That Have Captured The Nation’s Imagination  From the Jersey Devil to the Mothman, the US is filled with fictional creatures that have come to life in the nation ’s imagination. Now...

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