Baby Chris Brown so Cute

Chris Brown, As a throwback Thursday picture, Chris Brown posted this photo and seriously, how precious was he?

Back to court? Chris Brown's baby mama  is accusing the singer of endangering their daughter

Chris Brown denies his second hand smoke gave daughter asthma

Chris Brown Blonde... I love this young man.

Chris Brown is a huge douche. This is a list of some of the douchiest things that Chris Brown has ever done. Total douche bag things like say, assaulting Rihanna, g.

Chris Brown: Beating Rihanna "Deepest Regret of My Life"

Chris Brown: Beating Rihanna "Deepest Regret of My Life"

In an interview with the Mirror (UK), the controversial and oft-maligned Chris Brown calls beating Rihanna the "deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake. Rihanna and Chris Brown are back.

Chris Brown Workout Routine and Diet Plan -

Why is no one talking about the fact that Chris Brown was raped? (article discussing violence against women and the invisibility/lack of cases in the media involving white perpetrators)