Choi Siwon de Super Junior se convertirá en co-productor de una película basada en un webtoon
Siwon and Donghae: They seem sexy now... And then you're neck deep in fancams of them doing the dumbest things wondering how in the hell you found them attractive in the first place.
Choi Siwon | Men of 'Dramaworld'
Choi Siwon -- a guy who seems to have it all.....
Choi Siwon (시원): Super Junior, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys, King of Dramas, Skip Beat/Extravagant Challenge, She Was Pretty
Siwon. She was pretty⚝ Amé este personaje, espectacular actuación.
SiWon nya ganteng. varsity nya keren. aku mau duaduanyaaa
The Leads Of “She Was Pretty” Take On Cosmopolitan Korea’s October 2015 Issue //
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Choi Siwon ♡ SuperJunior,  NICE so nice that I just forgot what my name was............No gals seriously don't you just want to bite him:) I mean that in the nicest but most frustrating way possible.
Choi Siwon
'She Was Pretty' unveils photos of Siwon baring his rock-hard abs on set |