Pink & White Fancies, Chocolate Coconut Cookies, Almond Frosting, Chocolate Peanut Butter Drops, Chocolate Fudge Meringues | 36 Christmas cookie recipes children will love (1962)

36 Christmas cookie recipes children will love (1962

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Quick update/repost of my Valentine’s day drawing for Japan Lover Me! Busy busy busy day~ /work/ Happy Valentine’s day, everyone!

While Starbucks is fairly uniform with what they offer drink-wise in countries across the world, the Japanese with their love of limited-time promotions get some drinks that may never see the light of day in other countries and have certainly never been offered here in the U.S. Additionally, there was the Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino with White Chocolate Pudding.

starbucks japan exclusive - chocolate cookie crumble frappuccino with white chocolate pudding

Kimono and their History...making is a major art in Japan. The kimono is a valuable piece of clothing. They became heirlooms between 1868 and 1912. Japan was influenced by other cultures. Japan has recently adopted a more western style of clothing. People wear modern clothes now like jeans and t-shirts. Today kimono are only worn on special occasions such as the “Coming of Age Day”.

Kimono and their History

Evolution of Japanese Fashion. Japanese Traditional Dresses include kimonos, hakama, yukata and jūnihitoe. Modern clothing in Japan, Modern Japanese Dressing is a mixture of Japanese and Western styles.

A cupcake for every day of the month. (image is the website logo since the pin picture was really long)

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I almost shot chocolate milk out of my nose! Poor little rabbit? must be here in FL

Is it humid?

Funny pictures about It feels a bit humid. Oh, and cool pics about It feels a bit humid. Also, It feels a bit humid.

Taiyaki Japanese food - so darn cute but no recipe. I imagine you need the mold too!

TAIYAKI CAKES - Taiyaki Japanese food - so darn cute but no recipe. I imagine you need the mold too! Filled with sweet azuki red beans, taiyaki are delicious fish-shaped snacks described as a cross.

An easy to assemble (and diet-friendly) summer treat!

Tips to let you have your cake and eat it too

Chocolate stuffed raspberries Wow, easy and fast and wonderful! Chocolate and white chocolate stuffed raspberries.