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a few Chinese symbols with a rough translation into English (Eng-Win). Although I do like this - do you think that the Chinese use our words for wisdom, love, peace as a tattoo?

I like this ** Japanese calligraphy (shodo)

“The clouds above us join and separate, The breeze in the courtyard leaves and returns. Life is like that, so why not relax? Who can stop us from celebrating?

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cross Tattoos For Guys - Originals Hard To Find Today

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Tattoo Calligraphy, Chinese Writing Meanings, Tattoo Font | Connie Ho Focus

Tattoo Calligraphy, Chinese Writing Meanings, Tattoo Font

This would be some cool symbols to use as tattoos!!

In this two cultures language and images are used to express an idea: Chinese language uses ideograms that are written signs used to repr.