The Essential Travel Guide To China

The Essential China Travel Guide (Infographic)

The absolute best tips on China travel, food, and culture from the Culture Trip team.

Shanghai, China’s largest city, offers many exciting sightseeing opportunities for those unconcerned with having to deal with large crowds. But despite having a population of more than 24 million, this fun city also offers quieter historic districts and attractions alongside its many newer tourist sites.

10 Top Things To See In Shanghai

Frivolous Fabulous - Shanghai China Frivolous Fabulous Above The City. While architecture in the rural areas is more traditional, buildings in the urban cities of China often have advanced looking architecture, such as the buildings shown above.

The Best First-Time China Itinerary

The Best First-Time China Itinerary

It's not hard to see why China is one of the most popular travel destinations! Check out this first-time China itinerary!

Cheapest places to travel

The Cheapest Places To Travel For Each Month Of The Year

Stunning calcite pools in Huanglong‎ , Sichuan‬ - China

Stunning calcite pools in Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area, Sichuan, China

Puerta del Cielo - Parque Nacional Tianmen, China

Heaven's Gate, Tianmen Shan, Hunan Province, China - is a cave natural arch eroded

Bangkok Travel Map for Travelers - Great guide to the must see spots in Thailand

Bangkok City Thailand Map including Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport Map, Bangkok Skytrain Map and Things to Do in Bangkok Attractions.

Red Beach in Panjin, China. The seaweed stays green all summer, then bursts into flaming red in autumn

Red Beach in Panjin, Liaoning, China. Shuangtaizi River mouth in autumn. The seaweed stays green all summer, then bursts into flaming red in autumn

The Most Beautiful Place In China: Guilin

Why Guilin, China is the Most Beautiful Place on Earth

Travel Tips : Infographic: A Guide To Off Season Travel In Countries Around The World

Check out our infographic if you want to save money, avoid big crowds, and find affordable vacation spots; we show that off-season travel is the way to go.

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Brush up on saying "ni hao," and make a list of foods to try. Here's a few things to know before traveling to China.

España es un país relativamente pequeño, geográficamente hablando, comparándolo a grandes gigantes como Estados Unidos, Rusia o China. Sin embargo, y aunque los espa

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