The Best First-Time China Itinerary

It's not hard to see why China is one of the most popular travel destinations! Check out this first-time China itinerary!

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of the Modern World - a reminder that the civilizations of China and the times of Lao Tzu and Confucius reached great heights of wisdom and illumination well before there was a stirring of culture in the west.

10 Top Things To See In Shanghai

Frivolous Fabulous - Shanghai China Frivolous Fabulous Above The City. While architecture in the rural areas is more traditional, buildings in the urban cities of China often have advanced looking architecture, such as the buildings shown above.

Red Beach in Panjin, Liaoning, China. Shuangtaizi River mouth in autumn. The seaweed stays green all summer, then bursts into flaming red in autumn

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Harbin, China - Ice & Snow Festival at night - Horse drawn carriage moving by Russian Ice Palace