Beautiful Victorian Adolescent.. Anyone else think she looks a little like Kristen Stewart

Beautiful Victorian Adolescent, I wonder what kind of life she lived ,did she fell in love with a handsome poor farmer or she died young !

Maiko Child on Flicker Photo-stream: Precious Young Maiko Girl practises her calligraphy.

Asian vintage illustration - Memoirs of a Maiko - via maiko child. Mom made me a homemade costume as a little girl. She had such talent.

Vivian Maier street photography  New York et Chicago 120 000 clichés, 150 films stockés et oubliés. John Maloof se donnera pour mission de faire reconnaitre cette photographe amatrice pleine de talent, qui fait transparaitre l'ambiance des centres urbains américains comme personne.

Vivian Maier street photography du New York et Chicago des années 50/60

W. Eugene Smith was no doubt one of the greatest war correspondents of the last century. As the photographer for Life, he followed the island-hopping American offensive against Japan, from Saipan t...

A Walk To The Paradise Garden

Eugene Smith - The walk to Paradise Garden - 1946 The photographer's children, Pat and Juanita. The closing image in Edward Steichen's Family of Man exhibition at the MOMA in