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Winter is in full swing here in LA with a high of 60 and lows of 40.. not  quite the winters that we are used to, but we should be taking a quick trip  to Big Bear soon to hopefully catch some snow.  Maybe, just maybe, we will  actually be able to put on a winter coat and crack out the UGGs. We have  been enjoying the rain from El nino, which has brought on the winter  ambiance that my heart is craving. So here is a great Thai soup recipe that  is sure to warm hearts and fill some tummies…

thai coconut curry soup

Chef Michael Smith's Maple Baked Beans. Prince Edward Island
Michael Smith, Old Fashioned Beef Stew  I never have red wine, so I either use a bottle of beer or more beef stock.  Best stew ever, as long as you take the time to brown the meat!
Thai Chickpea Coconut Curry--I used a tablespoon of red curry instead of a teaspoon, and added some hot pepper flakes, because, well, that's how I roll...  If I made again, I'd cut the peanut butter back to about 1/3 cup instead of 1/2.
Thai Coconut Curry Soup - Chef Michael Smith                                                                                                                                                                                 More
This recipe is from the Dubai, United Arab Emirates webisode of Lentil Hunter with Chef Michael Smith.

Crispy Lentil Fritters

Try this French Onion Soup recipe by Chef Michael Smith. This recipe is from the show Chef At Home.

French Onion Soup

Chef Michael Smith | recipe | Classic Chicken Stew
Chef Michael Smith's country bread is our favourite loaf of bread to bake at home! It's easy to make, there’s almost no prep time and it's healthy! It smells so good in the house! We want to acknowledge and thank Chef Michael Smith for letting us share this wonderful recipe with our readers on our blog. Chef Michael Smith's Country Bread © Chef Michael Smith

Chef Michael Smith's Country Bread

Still Cracking » Its Your Time To Laugh!Potato Bacon Cheddar Tart By Chef Michael Smith - Still Cracking
Chef Michael Smith's Recipe for Fire-Grilled Steak with Steakhouse Butter
Thai Coconut Curry Soup - Chef Michael Smith                                                                                                                                                                                 More
This beautiful pork tenderloin is wrapped in bacon and sprinkled with herbs. A quick, easy and incredibly delicious dish.
Hummus & Pita Chips - Chef Michael Smith
Berry Pudding - Chef Michael Smith