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He is so superior to Hillary C. Wake up people and support the only candidate that puts you first. M.W. 7/20/16

Donald Trump released a document that takes down Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy and economic stances — Fact List that pulls together news articles, documents and speeches …

Trump supporters are proud Patriots and wave the American flag!

You live in America? Are you a citizen of America? If you are then Fly theAmerican Flag! If you don't like it, and claim your.) then GET OUT OF AMERICA! Go live where you wave your choice flag!

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WikiLeaks founder says big leak on Hillary Clinton could lead to indictment

1 Christian: 236 of 237 Syrian refugees admitted to US since Paris jihad murders are Muslims Robert Spencer, PJM: New English Quran Says It Often Means Opposite of What It Says

A stone's throw from Jerusalem I walked a lonely mile in the moonlight And though a million stars were shining My heart was lost on a distant planet That whi.

Trump Fans Are Now Saying That Hillary Clinton Was Replaced With A Body Double

My thoughts on the whole Hillary Clinton incident. Hillary clinton passing out, the appearance of a double as an attempt to cover it up, the crazy traction i.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor George Soros was a New, living in Nazi occupied country, who betrayed his own people in order to save himself.

I used to be in love with Hillary Clinton. But I changed my mind after having read the book – “Clinton Cash”.

How Donald Trump can win the upcoming debate WITHOUT even answering one .

#My1DFave: Which Made In The A.M. Track Are You?

One Direction - 'History' Music Video Premiere! - Check out the newest music video from the boys of One Direction for their next single”History”, off their album ‘Made in the AM’!

Ha, This funny!  Trump calling Hillary RACIST. He's "mirroring" his faults towards her.

Calling Trump voters "basket of deplorables." Millions of whites, blacks, immigrants who truly love this country. She lost all hope of turning Trump supporters to her cause the day she said that.