CHAMPS clothespin chart- Students know exactly how they are to work on an assignment or activity when you use this chart!

Classroom Reveal

CHAMPS clothespin chart- Students know exactly how they are to work on an assignment or activity when you use this chart! Use with pictures for prek

CHAMPS classroom management posters

CHAMPS is a classroom management system. It's overall goal is to teach students how to be successful in different classroom situations

Colorful Champs Poster for classroom management.

This fun and colorful CHAMPS Expectation Chart is a positive classroom management tool created to remind your students what you expect during a variety of classroom activities.

The Science Penguin: Classroom Pics and Organization

Classroom Pics and Organization

Kinder Tribe: Classroom Management with CHAMPS!

CHAMPS Behavior Management system allows you to set clear expectations with your students allowing for a peaceful and organized classroom atmosphere!

Manage your classroom expectations with this CHAMPS hanging poster. Click for the link to see it hanging in the classroom! Great space saver!

CHAMPS Clipchart [Color & Black/White]

CHAMPS Classroom Management for little champions

Class CHAMPS Classroom Management for Little Champions

CHAMPS behavior management is the key to classroom behavior success. These posters, printables and activities are based upon CHAMPS classroom expectations. Set your students up for success…Teach your students to be class CHAMPS!

CHAMPS board

CHAMPS Posters (Bulletin Board Set)

This is a bright bulletin board set to help you implement the CHAMPS program into your classroom. The set includes: *a set of CHAMPS letters and their meanings different activity headers that include: whole group center time independent reading

Have you heard of the CHAMPS system for classroom management? This is a great tool for elementary classrooms, and it's a useful way to teach students your classroom expectations. Our guest blogger shares information about what CHAMPS is and how it works in her classroom and school. Click through to read all of the details!

Introduction to CHAMPS

Learn about the CHAMPS classroom management system, which can be used in conjunction with other classroom management systems.

Use a compliment jar as an incentive for the classroom.

Task 1 - Shaping Behavior I would use this system because it "compliments" the student on the desired behavior. I like that they are complimented for what the do correctly and that once they get so many stars they can trade them in for a prize.