Chalk Cityscape: You really can’t go wrong with bright, blended chalk pastel on black construction paper. I love how the buildings and moon glow. Cut out the buildings on separate paper, place it on the black construction paper, and use the chalk pastels to shade around the buildings. Once you remove the buildings, you’ll be left with this glowing outline.

(Cute idea for art!) Cityscape- Chalk on black paper (cut out city stencil from tagboard/posterboard) Grades could be used to teach foreground, middleground, and background

How to Create a Gorgeous Chalk Mural Like an Instagram Pro via Brit + Co.

How to Create a Gorgeous Chalk Mural Like an Instagram Pro

Flamingo (Stand Tall, Darling) - Print - Lily & Val

Flamingo (Stand Tall, Darling) - Print & Canvas

"Ballerina" very similar art to what i did in my portfolio with charcoal over collage of colors underneath, and then etched out what i wanted to show through

white chalk on black paper (I want to have a dance troop join us in the art classroom for this. The line of action on the back is exemplified by the lights and dark of the chalk.

A whimsical print perfect for a child's room or nursery - "You Are My Sunshine" is hand lettered amidst beautiful sunflower illustrations and digitally converted for printing. Available in color or bl

You Are My Sunshine - Print & Canvas

You are my sunshine quotes chalk writing lyrics songs sunflowers sunshine bees chalkboard

Lion chalk drawing black and white animals art chalk drawing lion beauty details

ACEO Original Lion art King of the Zentangle cat tiger fantasy animal card atc. Possible tattoo idea.

pastel techniques | Figures...My Art and My Life: Pastel Portrait Drawing from the Live ...

Chalk Pastel Techniques – Learn How To Use It

These are some basic techniques and tips that you can use to create chalk pastel artwork. You have to know that chalk pastel artworks are pretty different to look at and this is because the techniques used in it are different.