Handmade dinner plates-stoneware clay-pottery-ceramic-hand built-blue-crackle-set of six, custom dinnerware

Handmade ceramic plates, dinnerware, Wedding gifts, Set of 6 Organic shaped Tableware, pottery plates Dinnerware set

Handmade tableware. Lindsay Rogers Ceramics

Plate for the Bull & Beggar Restaurant by American ceramic artist & potter Lindsay Rogers.

Kati Von Lehman Ceramic Plates

Kati Von Lehman Ceramic Plates

Hand poured, glossy pale grey glaze over a white matte glaze. The patterning on each plate is unique, and each plate is different. Made in Portland, OR.

Serax 2012 Aqua

Serax 2012 Aqua Intense Cobalt Blue Ceramic plated from Range Aqua, Serax, available at Verrax

Bailey Doesn't Bark, Handmade Ceramics.

bailey doesn’t bark ceramics