Diamonds are nice, but I'd rather have steel, lead, and brass. ;) - Girls who hunt and fish are a rare gift from God and deserve bigger diamonds.

Girls who like huntin, fishin, and guns arent weird. They're a rare gift from god. Them girls deserve bigger diamonds.


I love this quote because summer is just going to end here in a bit which sucks because i have to go back to school but i cant wait to go hunting😋


Let me die in a pile of empty brass. Serving the peace. Thank a police officer, he'll die saving your life.

My favorite quote

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I solemnly swear to be the perfect southern wife. I will cook, clean and keep up the laundry... until hunting season. Then it is every man for himself.

I solemnly swear to be the perfect southern wife. I will cook, clean and keep up the laundry. until hunting season.

i love people that love hunting

Would do more of it if I had time and a local place for me to hunt,but we don't. Maybe after fall ball and Thanksgiving there will be time for us to go to the Red Camp. One of the girls doesn't like it so I stay behind and play with her.

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Good things...

Bow hunting wild turkey can be a difficult thing. But with proper training and patience it can become a rewarding outdoor lifestyle hobbies hunting experience

Cowgirl way

Let the truth be told. These girls are the girls that don't want big diamonds. But we do want guns, a bow and a fishing rod.