You know what I have always wondered. How did Susan feel when all of her family died after the train wreck. She had not forgotten about Narnia but she thought of it as an imagination, a game. She was no longer a friend of Narnia were Peter's words.

Susan Pevensie- the one character that got me loving archery before Katniss, don't get me wrong I love Katniss but Susan is the one who really started the whole "archer woman thing" > PREACH IT!

Looks like Charlie


Archer // ::ah the city is new and old::and so am i::high walls::high as the sky::watch me fly::

Margaret Sullavan | One Man's Treasure: TORCHES OF FREEDOM

Margaret Sullavan Unidentified photographer, “Beauties of Today”, Cigarette card, Britain, ca. 1937 ‘Torches of Freedom’

Free spirit <3

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dress vintage skirt bows bow ribbon victorian corset ribbons vintage dress corsets corsetry victorian dress corseting hoopskirt boning courtesy of the queue lace-me-tighter

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vintage antique image of woman sitting in spider web spiderweb spiders retro spooky scary girl Halloween

c.1937: Ernest Hemingway showing his solidarity to Spanish Republicans

Ernest Hemingway showing his solidarity to Spanish Republicans A intelixencia ao lado da razón e a xustiza.