I love cattails.  Always have.  We used to pick them while they were still firm, scrape off the brown fuzz and color them with crayons.

Cattails are a producer in the pond ecosystem. Others like muskrats eat them.

Cat tails - cover reeds with polyurethain - De Grote Lisdodde (Typha latifolia) - lisdodde sigaren

Preserving Cattails for Decor Use

How To Process Cattail Leaves For Weaving Projects | Eco Snippets

How-to dry and process cattail leaves for later use in weaving cattail rush chair seats and baskets.

Perky Cat Tail Tutorial by Yume-ka//I'd make it blue so then I could cosplay Nepeta

Perky Cat Tail Tutorial

We used to pick/cut these as kids and then let them dry out to burn them at night to keep the mosquitos away...

Cattails 'bloom' in mid- to late summer. into a brown, velvety cigar shape, creating the "cattail" of the plant. These will go to seed in the fall, and as they do, will become white and fuzzy and eventually die until next season.

DIY Cat Tail Inspired by Hatsune Miku | Halloween DIY

I'm super excited now. I made a cat tail Inspired by Hatsune Miku. Just make sure you can find a strong wire.

Cheshire Cat Yarn Tail by GetFursonal.deviantart.com on @deviantART

More shots of the Cheshire cat tail! It is massive 29 inches in length and 7 inches wide unfluffed. I love the weight and feel of this tail when you wal. Cheshire Cat Yarn Tail *For Sale*

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cat tail by Dandelion Ranch - Green Thumbs