Casas de madera para perros

Give your best friend protection from Mother Nature's wrath with this large weatherproof dog house. Made from durable pine, this house features a covered porch to help keep your canine dry, and a removable roof provides easy cleaning access.

Modelo Matterhorn de la colección HandleHome by LambertandMax. Casa para gatos y perros desmontable. Casa de madera, un refugio para tu mejor amigo.

Inspired by the lack of modern pet houses on the market, pet furniture company Lambert&Max created a line of pet houses for cats and dogs that feature clean and simple designs, that are made from birch plywood and wood fibers.

DIY: Cómo hacer una caseta de perros con palets :

DIY: Cómo hacer una caseta de perros con palets :

¿Has visto esta cama para perro con palets? Descubre cómo hacer camas para perros de madera.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed - create a bin or basket with over the door hooks that can hold toys or storage. Pups like DIYs too!

Puede parecer que todas las casetas para perro son iguales, pero hoy quiero traerte esta caseta para perros funcional, cómoda y muy espaciosa para que tu perro esté de lo más cómodo. Esta caseta pa...

A fantastic selection of dog kennels and dog flaps all of wich can be purchased online with fast, secure delivery. Treat your four legged friend to a dog kennel today so he has his own little place to call home.

Barrica de vino reconvertida en caseta de perro

Old wooden barrel can be used as pet house to accommodate your dog or cat in garden. Barrel would nicely blend in the garden. However you need some support work for the barrel to stay where you put it and not to roll away

This Redwood dog house was custom made for a StrongWood Studio client but we can make them to order if you would like one for your furry baby! The top is hinged so that you can lift it for cleaning. It has a porch and awning for sun bathing. The size can vary depending on the size of your doggie. This one is 41 x 41 and 41 inches tall at the highest point. Free delivery in the San Francisco Bay area. I can ship a small version of this house for the listed price. (for small dogs like…

There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing you made something with your own two hands. And what better gift to give a person or pooch than something you painstakingly crafted, just for them? We’ve compiled a list of DIY dog houses, …

Cómo construir una caseta para su perro

Cómo construir una caseta para su perro

Las 10 mansiones para perro más lujosas | Mascotas

Las 10 mansiones para perro más lujosas

Have you ever thought about building your pooch a palace? Read on for 16 luxury dog houses that may inspire you to build a manse for your mutt!