Nintendo DS Lite~Mario addition

Nintendo DS Lite~Mario addition Nintendo DS ... With charger, travel case, 9 Game Boy Advance games that work in it, special Guitar Hero game attachment and 12 DS games! Works great!!! Reflex MX vs. Atv Club Penguin Rabbids Go Home Little League World Series Baseball Transformers Call of Duty Modern Warfare Thrillville Army Man Diddy Kong Racing DS Indiana Jones Super Mario Bros. Shaun White snowboarding Dora Crash Texas hold'em Atv The Incredibles Spyro Chicken Shoot Pirates of the…

birbyarts: “You know what, i’m posting this. what the hell! i completed this abomination months ago, and it’s going to be one of my pieces in an upcoming gf artbook. enjoy it EDIT: I fricked up and uploaded the wrong version.

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