{ Carly Manning } "Hi! I am Carly! I am 17 and single! I am a competitive cheerleader. I love to fly. I'm very outgoing and fun. I'm looking for a boyfriend and that's about it! Introduce?"

(Madi's cheer face claim is Carly Manning!) Madi) At cheer pratice! I'm flyer and captain of the Varsity cheer team!

Face Claims: Carly Manning and Maggie Lindemann} Hey I'm Hunter Reynolds!

((Carly Manning)) Hey I'm Carly! I am the cheer caption, and the queen bee of the school. Unfortunately, Casey is my nerdy brother.

Dylan) at cheer charity event!!!! We cheer and the money we raise goes to charity!!!

Dylan) at cheer charity event! We cheer and the money we raise goes to charity!

Carly Manning

I'm going to be honest with you guys I'm still not all up to date about how worlds schedule is working, some teams like smoed and wildcats still have to compete their day 2 today