Monkeys and Apes Toob: Includes Baboon, Orangutan, Squirel Monkey, Golden Lion Tamarin, Lemur, Spider Monkey, Gorilla, Woolly Monkey, Mandrill, Capuchin, Chimpanzee and Red Tail Monkey
spider monkey in Costa Rica
Characteristics of Spider Monkeys
Magdalena Spider Monkey - There are seven known species of spider monkey, and several subspecies, with many overlapping characteristics. Each species has disproportionately long limbs, truncated thumbs, and a tail that works as a fifth limb. They're considered the third most intelligent non-human primate worldwide, and the most intelligent in the “New World.” Read more at http://blog.therainforestsite.com/heart-of-the-amazon-three-amazing-amazonian-monkeys/#JWJdeZ62cLuf7w2H.99
Baby Spider Monkey Estela
Primates: Definition, Evolution & Characteristics - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com
Mexico 06 Sian Ka'anEn la lengua de los mayas que poblaban antaño la región, Sian Ka’an significa “origen del cielo”. Situada en la costa oriental de la península de Yucatán, esta reserva de biosfera abarca bosques tropicales, manglares, marismas y una vasta zona marina atravesada por un arrecife de barrera.
Croco Cun Zoo Guided Tour  See crocodiles, glimpse wild spider monkeys as well as parrots, snakes, deer and more wild animals when you visit Croco Cun Zoo. This is a one-hour guided tour of a conservation zoo, originally a crocodile farm. You will learn about the animals' behaviors and characteristics and can have an option to enjoy lunch or snacks at the zoo’s cafe.On this one-hour tour, you will see the local species of our fauna: tropical birds, crocodiles, variety of repti...
Sugar gliders are small marsupial opossums from Australia and parts of Indonesia and New Guinea. Even though they look like squirrels and they glide through the air, sugar gliders are not related to ...
If you fall for a Libra, you will be trapped in their spider web of romance. - WTF Zodiac Signs Daily Horoscope!
The World of Charles R. Knight working on a stegosaurus.
Dr. Barnum Brown with mounted Pteranodon, American Museum of Natural History, New York, 1938
Emily Graslie is the Field Museum’s first-ever chief curiosity correspondent.