Nothing like last minute work to get your creative juices flowing.  It was the day before their Halloween party and we still had not discussed the costumes.   When I asked them this was their responses: Captain Hook, Peter Pan and a Pirate. I had no time to sew nor was I in the mood, this is what I came …

How to Make a No-Sew Captain Hook Costume From a T-Shirt

This is an adorable way to make a Captain Hook costume for your little one!

DIY Captain Hook Halloween Costume for Kids

This is an adorable way to make a Captain Hook costume for your little one! I think it could be easily modified for a nutcracker costume for Christmas.

ELEGANT PIRATE LADY                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Own the seven seas with this six-piece Page Boy Pirate Lady costume featuring a gold embellished red jacket, black pants, belt, lace jabot and cuffs. (Sword and hat not included.

Epic Captain Hook Halloween Costume

Epic Captain Hook Halloween Costume

This costume is part of a couples costume I made for my BF and I (and our dog who was Stinker-bell! I’d wanted to be Rufio for two years now and Dave did

Day 14: Captain Hook is soooo funny I think and Peter Pan is one of my favorite Disney movies so it fits perfect

Captain Hook

Life-size cardboard cutout standup is made of heavy cardboard with a high-quality image. An easel is attached so the cutout will be free-standing.

DIY- Captain Hook Costume

DIY- Captain Hook Costume

A simple tutorial with minimal sewing on how to make a child's Captain Hook costume using a sweatshirt and some felt.

Captain Hook being eaten by Tick-Tock the Crocodile from Peter Pan.

21 Awesome Kids' Halloween Costumes To Start Making Now