Mickey mouse capitan america

Being the one who started it all I felt he should have a leader role and why not Captain America, since he's an Icon for America, Mickey is an Icon. Mickey as Captain Mouse


CAPTAIN AMERICA is a milestone issue that promises to be Cap's most epic adventure yet. Written by Mark Waid, with art by Chris Samnee, this is a must-read!

Image result for dying otp prompts <<<< isnt that the plot of CA:TFA and TWS though

BRILLIANT>>gosh, this sounds sooooo familiar It took me a second reading to figure out what this is because I was so confused with the dying part at the beginning - when you realise it's based off Captain America Winter Soldier

Capitan America

Capitan America

Captain America: the Winter Soldier/Big Four crossover. Jack & Hiccup look awesome but Punz & Merida look kinda strange...

Capitan America: the Winter Soldier and The Big Four. The Winter Soldier/Hiccup, Captain America/Jack Frost, that nurse -agent/Rapunzel, Black Widow/Merida

Concept Art: Capitan America – Super Soldier

Concept Art: Capitan America – Super Soldier

Olhando assim nem parece que é da H.I.D.R.A

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