Join us for some fun making and decorating gingerbread houses! Absolutely no experience or skill needed.  Monday night 7th December. All WOMEN welcome!  Please RSVP with payment to Ali Beeston ( or  0425273002), Natanya Full or Carrie Wilkinson   The night costs $25. This  includes the house, icing and wrapping, however, please bring your own  lollies.

Gingerbread House Making Night

The enchanted gingerbread chalet has candy decorations everywhere you lookon the roof, around the doors and windows and along the sidewalk. What a great centerpiece of magical creation to place on your holiday mantle.

Candy Land ♡ Would be fun to make candy lanscapes on my kitchen table and do a little photo shoot.

A World of Food: amazing foodscapes by Carl Warner

This is one impressive Gingerbread house .Gingerbread Candy Factory by Lynne Schuyler

Gingerbread Candy Factory by Lynne Schuyler

Cookie Artist's Feature Lynne Schuyler of Idaho, U. Check out this amazing gingerbread cookie candy factory made by Lynne Schuyler. She is a wicked talented gingerbread house building hobbyist

That is amazing!!!

15 Amazing Gingerbread Houses

Personalized Wood Wired Gingerbread House by cathypagedaniel - I love it because of all the candy and colors. I love houses made with lots of candy. To me that IS what a real gingerbread house is.

Homemade Candy is a Holiday Must - Humor and Nostalgia - Capper's Farmer

Homemade Candy is a Holiday Must - Humor and Nostalgia - Capper's Farmer

LOVE THIS idea instead of Graham Cracker Christmas Houses at school FROM: WORTH PINNING: Decorated Pretzel Cabins

These pretzel cabins are a fun alternative to gingerbread houses. No baking required! Construct with pretzels and hot glue and years project at christmas with the kids

One of the cutest Christmas cookie/candy houses I've seen. Three Pixie Lane: Gingerbread Log Cabin

I wish I could sneak off to the mountains and stay in a cabin like this! Mason and Brooke helped build this little gingerbread cabin.