"That's why it's important to get quality candles. The flames can be indicative of the spell's success, so buying or making good candles means the spell will work better,"

candle magic.

Light a Candle With Your Right Hand to Bring Good Fortune and Your Left Hand to Banish Unwanted Energy.

silverwitch: “thefriendlywitch: “Sourced from The Witch’s Master Grimoire. ” silverwitch:- a Good guideline, but it will really depend on the spell your doing.

How to dedicate a candle

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Candle magic

ゝ。If you feel influenced by negative energy, Light a black candle in front of a mirror and Say:→ Any dark or evil force May now return to its source ✨ May my Home and I be Free Safe and Well ⟷ So Mote it Be.