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Hoy en el blog un DIY muy sencillo, construye tu propia barra americana con palets.
Ingenioso cabecero de cama con cuerda - DIY Rope Headboard

Cabecero DIY con tubos y cuerda

There are many items in a home which can be created by hand, not just for saving money; but for showing how creative you are. Handmade items always inspire the viewers, especially if they are created recycling wood pallets because they are useless for most of the individuals and they throw it away instead of keeping them safely and restyling them into the stylish products. We always try to present an idea which is different in looks and innovative in style, so we are again here with an…

Wooden Pallet Sectional Bed Plan

sofá de palets
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cabecero de palet
Detalle vinilo dormitorio @kenayhome (Pineado x @ljimenez1981)
There is no limit when it comes to creating the products using the recycled shipping pallets, the best thing about the pallets is that they are not expensive and unlimited items depending on the creativity of an individual can be made with them. The table for the TV launch created with the recycled pallets and …

Awesome Uses of Recycled Shipping Pallets

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Pallet Bed with Storage Plans