What a dream #Cacti #Cactus

What a dream #Cacti #Cactus

Peyote cacti have been used for over 5000 years, mainly for its psychoactive properties.

A guide detailing the properties, effects and legal status of peyote with peyote trip reports included.

Orchid Cactus 'German Empress' (Disocactus phyllanthoides)

PlantFiles Pictures: Pond Lily Cactus 'German Empress' (Disocactus phyllanthoides) by boojum

Moon Cactus

Moon Cactus- Need this for the patio, use 2 different color moon cactus'! and pretty color pot- like blue.

Echeveria derenbergii 'Painted Lady'

Echeveria derenbergii, native to Oaxaca, Mexico, forms small rosettes with fleshy, glaucous light silvery blue leaves with pink tips. Freely offsetting to form clusters quickly. Known as the “Painted Lady”.