12 Chicas que te inspirarán a pintarte el cabello de color ‘Rose Gold’

Tendencias en tintes de pelo 2016: Ombre hair rosa pastel - Ombre hair rosa pastel con base oscura

hair dye ideas colorful, Soft blush balayage girls around the world (myself included) are green with envy for Vivian's hair

Tendencias en tintes de pelo 2016: Ombre hair rosa pastel - Rosa pastel, castaño y reflejos ceniza

Brunettes, show your adventurous side with a hint of fuchsia at the ends. This expertly blended long bob is a fun way to play with color for those who don& want to go full mermaid.

obsesión: pelos de colores

obsesión: pelos de colores (Milowcostblog)

Ombre hairstyles are the latest trend. If your new to ombre hair and want to try something new the best thing to do is subtle dip dye on your hair. Your new ombre hairstyle will be subtle and easy to adjust to.

@lj.sharman from @headlinesthesalon is the artist... Pulp Riot is the paint.

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El pelo rosa nuevo look

long pretty hair pretty long hair colorful braid with flower Beautiful hair! Up-do for when the hair is long again long hair.