Lineage of the British Royal Family  My sister could be royal! All she has to do is marry Viscount Severn. The son of Prince Edward.

The Lineage Of The British Royal Family

European Blood Ties to Elizabeth II

Queen Victoria's Family Tree - Since she had nine children, many of her descendents are now scattered throughout the royal and noble houses of Europe.

As the nation celebrates the birth of a new Royal baby, swot up on the family   it will be born into. Click the i symbols for more.

​The ​line of Succession: How ​the Duchess of Cambridge's third baby changes the royal family tree

Britain's Royal Family Tree

British Royal Family: Why is Prince Harry now in line for the throne after the birth of Prince George of Cambridge?

British royal family tree with numbers to show the order of family members in line to the crown.   ...Princess Anne and family do not even get considered until after her younger brothers and their heirs (including grandchildren!)...

British Royal Family Tree, including the order of succession to the throne. * The chart needs to be updated to add Princess Charlotte ( and others.

The house of Wessex of which the british royal line is decendened Cedric is the farthest back European monarch any royal can trace their roots

House of Wessex Family Tree. Cynric, King of Wessex, son of Cerdic, was King from During his reign it is said that he captured Old Sarum and that in 556 he and his son Ceawlin won a battle against the Britons at Beranburh (Barbury Castle).

the first waltz: a historical photoblog — bulletproofjewels: ♕ Queen Victoria: Grandmama of...

bulletproofjewels: “ ♕ Queen Victoria: Grandmama of Europe It is a well known fact that Queen Victoria of England saw in her children a destiny to marry into all the great royal houses of Europe. And so her wish was certianly fulfilled;

British Royal Family Tree during Jane Austin's Life (click on picture  to enlarge)   The Ancestry of King Charles II of Spain (click on pict...

The History Notes: Genealogy etc. with notable family trees. site looks worth investigating for history reads

British Royal Family Tree 1738-Present.png (741×914)

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